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St Gabriel's Cemetery & Chapel Mausoleums
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The Diocese of Trenton Recognizes St. Gabriel's Cemetery and Mausoleums in Marlboro, New Jersey

The Diocese of Trenton recently engaged the services of a Cemetery Administration Consulting Service. The firm conducted a comprehensive review of both diocesan and parochial cemeteries.
  • “Without doubt this is the best operated/maintained cemetery that we have examined to date in our review of the parochial/diocesan cemeteries in the Diocese of Trenton. This is a result of very careful definition and enforcement of rules/regulations for both mausoleums and ground burial sections”
  • “The entire property presents itself as extremely well maintained and radiates a pride of ownership”
  • “Even in the late winter and early spring we were impressed by the appearance…St. Gabriel in Marlboro…[is an] example of excellent care and should become a benchmark for other cemeteries”
  • “Terms for purchase of crypts and niches are most reasonable with a 25% deposit and the balance payable over two years, i.e. 24 month payments. Crypts and graves are reasonably prices for the area.”
  • St. Gabriel's Church wishes to thank those families who have chosen our cemetery and mausoleums as the final resting place for their loved ones. It has been our pleasure to serve you.
  • We would also like to recognize the staff at the mausoleums and cemetery. It is their hard work and dedication that creates and maintains a beautiful memorial for so many loved ones.

Customer Comments

  • Thank you for your help you made our decision so much easier - Napoli
  • Thank you for the information as well as your professionalism, you have done a wonderful job - L. Gougeon
  • We want to thank you for the courtesy in explaining our options. Your presentation covered everything we were looking for. Your approach is outstanding and complete in all aspects. - Carney Family

  • Thank you so much for allowing me to memorialize the gazebo. I know that my children and I are very grateful for all the help you have given us. - Andevett